Minimising interpretational risk and optimising information from geological models

By integrating data in 3D digital space, section and 3D model construction

4DGeo is specialised in constructing internally consistent and valid present-day geological models, including geological sections and 3D-models by integrating a range of data types in di-gital 3D space and applying geometrical construction rules combined with an understanding of the geological and structural evolution.

By testing, validating and improving existing interpretations

Existing models are tested and validated using digital line-length, area and/or volume balancing techniques.

Tools of choice

Alternative interpretations and con-cepts are tested using either restoration and/or forward modelling techniques.

By quantifying palaeo-geometry, basin shape, faults, fractures and linkage and flow paths at critical moments

Any valid geological model can be restored to geometries back in time. Sequential restoration allows quantification of palaeo-geometry and palaeo-linkage at key moments.
Tracking change of shape through time allows quantification of volumetric strain, inferred (palaeo-)stresses and areas of dilatation.


Consulting projects


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