Selected Presentations and Publications reflecting the range of commercial technical project work (where confidentiality allows) and academic interest.

Armelle Kloppenburg, John Grocott, Kim Schroeder, Gerry Austin. Kinematic Structural Framework Modelling for Exploration and Resource Development: An example from the Bingham Mining District, Utah, USA. Presented at the Geological Society of Nevada's Elko Chapter Meeting, Feb 2012.

Armelle Kloppenburg, Jenny Ellis, John Grocott, Alan Gibbs. Quantitative Validation of 3D Geological Models: Applications in Mineral Exploration and Resource Development. Presented at GeoRes 2011 - Scottish Mineral Conference. Edinburgh, 15 November 2011.

Kloppenburg, A., J. Grocott, X. Guifen . Fracture prediction for mine planning using 3D kinematic structural modelling, Bingham Canyon mine, Utah.  Applied Earth Science (Trans. Inst. Min. Metall. B) 2010. Vol. 119 No 2. p.96.

Kloppenburg, A., J. Grocott, and D. Hutchinson. 2010. Structural Setting and Synplutonic Fault Kinematics of a Cordilleran Cu-Au-Mo Porphyry Mineralization System, Bingham Mining District, Utah. Economic Geology, 2010; 105(4): 743 - 761.

Armelle Kloppenburg, Alan Gibbs, Barry Davis, John Grocott.  Linking Remote Sensing imagery to Mineral Systems Analysis through Structural Geology Modelling.  Presented at the Annual General Meeting of the Geological Remote Sensing Group: ‘Remote Sensing for Exploration’, London, December 15-17, 2009.

Kloppenburg,  A., Lene Claussen, Richard Bischke, Zsolt Schleder, Rosa Polanco-Ferrar. 2009. 3D Structural Restoration for Palinspastic Reservoir Modelling in the Lower Congo Basin, Angola. Proceedings AAPG International Conference and Exhibition 15-18 November 2009, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Kloppenburg, A., Alan Gibbs, and Serena Jones. 2007. Structural Modeling to Optimise Basin Analysis. Proceedings AAPG Hedberg Conference, The Hague, The Netherlands.

Richards, D., Kloppenburg, A., M. F. Doe,  E. Gomez, W. J. Clark,  and Y. Z. Ma, J. Pavas and L. E. Goyeneche, 2005.  Abstract: Detailed structural analysis and fracture modeling of the Tetuan Formation, San Francisco field, Upper Magdalena basin, Colombia. AAPG Calgary 2005, Conference Proceedings.

Kloppenburg, A., Massimo Bonora, Juan Carlos Alzate, German Rodriguez, 2004. Building discrete fracture networks based on deformation history and fine-tuning it using connectivity analysis. Conference Proceedings "Fractured Reservoirs Conference " 16 & 17 November 2004, The Geological Society, Burlington House, London.

Kloppenburg, A., E. Thompson, C. Guargena and D. Long. 2003. Understanding production patterns: slump potential during structural evolution, Valhall Field, Norway. 65th EAGE Conference and Exhibition, Stavanger, Norway, 2003. Conference Proceedings.

Kloppenburg, Armelle, Massimo Bonora, Stuart Bland and Alan Gibbs. 2003. The application and benefits of structural restoration from exploration to production. IX Simpósio National de Estudios Tectonicos and International Symposium on Tectonics, Buzios, Brasil may 2003. Conference Proceedings.

Kloppenburg, A.,  Juan Carlos Alzate and German Rodriguez, 2003. Extended abstract: Building discrete fracture networks based on deformation history: A case study from the Guaduas field, Colombia. VIII SIMPOSIO BOLIVARIANO, September 2003, Cartagena, Colombia.

White-S-H; Wijbrans-J-R; Hein-K-A-A; Kloppenburg-A; Beintema-K-A; Zegers-T-E. 2001. Thermotectonic evolution of the eastern Pilbara granite greenstone terrain; the importance of horizontal tectonics. In: Fourth international Archaean symposium; extended abstracts. Record - Australian Geological Survey Organisation. Pages 372-373.

Kloppenburg, A. 2001. Structural evolution of the Marble Bar Domain, Pilbara granite-greenstone terrain, Australia: the role of Archaean mid-crustal detachments.  Geologica Ultraiectina, No. 237,  p. 256.

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Wijbrans-Jan-R; Zegers-Tanja-E; Kloppenburg-Armelle; Beintema-Kike-A; Nelson-David-R; White-Stan-H. The Pilbara Craton (Western Australia); 40Ar/ 39Ar dating of the oldest preserved supracrustal rocks in Australia. AGU 2000 fall meeting. Eos, Transactions, American Geophysical Union. 81; 48, Suppl., Pages 1307-1308. 2000.

Wijbrans-Jan-R; White-Stan-H; Kloppenburg-Armelle; Zegers-Tanja-E; Nelson-David-R. Timing tectonothermal processes in the early Earth crust; a combined 40Ar/ 39Ar and U/ Pb study of basement gneisses and associated supracrustal rocks from the eastern Pilbara Craton, W. Australia.In: European Union of Geosciences conference abstracts; EUG 10. Journal of Conference Abstracts. 4; 1, Pages 142-143. 1999.

Guerreiro-F-M; White-S-H; Kloppenburg-A. Inter-relationship between shear localisation, metasomatism and gold mineralisation in the eastern Pilbara. In: 11th international conference of the Geological Society of Africa; Earth resources for Africa. Journal of African Earth Sciences. 28; 4A, Pages 27. 1999.

Kloppenburg-Armelle; White-Stan-H; Wijbrans-Jan-R; Nelson-David-R. Tectonic evolution of a mid-crustal shear zone in the eastern Pilbara. 1999. European Union of Geosciences conference abstracts; EUG 10. Journal of Conference Abstracts. 4; 1, Pages 147.

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