Tools and Techniques

4DGeo's structural modelling and analysis tool of choice is the Move Suite by Midland Valley. It combines 2D and 3D digital georeferenced space with (field) data mapping tools, structural analysis including full stereographic projection and SCAT analysis, with section and 3D model building, balancing,  and analyses tools and more.

The Move Suite includes 2D and 3D kinematic modelling modules, which – besides geometrically constrained model construction - allow the interactive modelling of shape change through geological time, both forward and backward.

Kinematic tools allow the quantification of:

   -  Folding/unfolding, including detachment folding, fault-related folding;
   -  Faulting/unfaulting, contractional, extensional and strike slip related;
   -  Halokinesis; salt-related deformation;
   -  Intrusion-related deformation;
   -  3D shape change: surface and volumetric palaeo-strain;
   -  Compaction / decompaction;
   -  Airy and flexural isostasy.


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Software training is offered using either a standard or client datasets.

Consulting projects can be designed to include a software training component.


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